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Organizational Climate is what is called the set of attitudes, values, and patterns of formal and informal behavior of a company.  These behaviors affect the way as_cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_people relate to each other and, consequently, in their relationship with the organization itself.

In view of this, we can state that the Climate Survey  is a tool for collecting data, which, after being skilfully evaluated, produces important information about the perception of employees in relation to the factors that affect their performance .

In addition to identifying strengths and points for improvement, the Climate Survey as a means of communication makes it possible to use the practical knowledge of the employees to indicate successful actions to resolve the problems with which se  face in organizational day-to-day.

The research, therefore, enables the organization to assess its current situation and plan actions, in a continuous improvement process, because  What is important  has to be measured".  And everything that is measured can be managed.

Íntegra DHE uses the very latest in research instrumentation, guaranteeing the confidentiality and thus the fidelity of the collected data.

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